PM Modi launches A Digital Health Mission, But India Need More Hospitals

PM Modi launches A Digital Health Mission, But India Need More Hospitals

Health Infrastructure is one of the foremost crucial subjects that an Indian Government should think about before anything else. Though, on 74th Independence Day the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi presently, come up with a good initiative and launched the National Digital Health Mission to enhance and develop the health sector. This new initiative will revolutionize the health systems also will give all Indians a unique health ID. This ID will contain all the appropriate information associated with the individuals. The ID will handover to each Indian, it will have information like What disease an individual is suffering from, which doctor has been consulted, what medicine an individual you are on every bit of details will be available in the ID. There is no hesitation that this new revolutionary step has been taken while keeping the view of the COVID-19 situation.  But the Indian Government should also focus on building hospitals in large numbers and amplify the medical amenities. While elaborating on the mega-project Prime Minister informed that the COVID-19 pandemic compelled the nation to think about the health infrastructure.

However, this initiative is commendable but it’s high time for the Indian government to starts focus on building hospitals as COVID-19 cases are escalating rapidly. There were several reports that indicate why hospitals urgently need to build especially in rural areas. There are shortages of beds; ICUs, ventilators, negligence of medical treatment, and lack of medical assessment in rural areas are highly reported in the past few days. On the other hand, rural areas have very limited number of hospitals with incomplete medical resources and facilities. Meanwhile, India also witnessed that the villagers have to travel long distances to the nearest hospital in case of emergencies and their only viable transportation is private transport which many cannot afford.

Many hotels, wedding halls, and Ashrams space rooms are allotted for the COVID-19 treatments and subsequently, it also turns an isolation ward and hospital with 10,000 beds, many made of cardboard. With the Central government, Delhi Government creates an instance to contract with a health crisis, and as remember around 30 other hotels in Delhi are attached to hospitals that will provide staff to deal with any emergency.

At present, the central government needs to create a regulated design that can help place large orders for pre-fabricated parts or hospital furniture, supplying which can stimulate a range of industries, series from steel, cement, and construction to hospital supplies. It will also help in creating jobs and a way to income.

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