Janata Congress Party will contest elections in WB with the slogan “Corruption Free”

Janata Congress Party will contest elections in WB with the slogan “Corruption Free”

Report by – Priti Singh

Kolkata: Through an event, Janata Congress Party has announced that they will contest in majority seats in West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 step towards “Bhay, Bhukh, and Bhrashtachar Mukht” in West Bengal.  The event took place at the Calcutta press club and party National President Dr. Mehtab Ray has interacted with the media to describe why this initiative is important, during which he said that he wants Bengal to be free from all fears that Bengal democracy has to think about how they will reach their home safely and while answering to the question that how he will do corruption-free state Dr. Mehtab Ray said: “you have to think about it, MPs are not legislators, democracy is a legislator, you can bring them up, you will see corruption will reduce by itself.” However, Janata Congress Party has been active in various districts of West Bengal for the last three and half years.

The party fought major state elections under the leadership of Dr. Mehtab Ray in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.Furthermore, Also Dr. Mahatab Rai National President of the Janata Congress Party said, “We have 60 seats and we will not do an alliance with any other party as they all are the same.” Dr. Mahatab Ray also said that their aim is to make West Bengal a state free from Bhay, Bhukh, and Bhrashtrachar.”

Attacking the BJP Dr. Mahatab Ray believes that BJP is trying to reap the political divide of 10 years of anti-incumbency into the communal lines lauding its slogan “Lokhho Sonar Bangla. But alas, they failed India during the last 6 years of rule, India experienced higher social unrest, unemployment, looming economic crisis, price rises, farmers suicide, and now aggravating farmer’s protest across the length and breadth of India against the new farm bill.  The Janata Congress Party appeared disappointed with the TMC government and mentioned that the state government had failed to deliver on the promises after a decisive victory in 2011. The party also said that there was a time when people from the rest of India used to come to Bengal. Looking for jobs but the reverse trend has only increased during the last 10-20 years. In the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan, the relief amount was largely misused through TMC’s elected representatives, forcing Ms. Mamata Banerjee to return ill money to her party’s office-bearers.

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