Shohoj delivers their first multi-art festival: Sahajiya

Shohoj delivers their first multi-art festival: Sahajiya

Report By – Sanjali Ganguly

Shohoj, a group committed to the theatre is having their very first festival called ‘Sahajiya’- a multi-art festival, managed and marketed by hojelive. The festival has already started on 13th March and will continue till 14th March. The first day will of this multi-art festival took place at Mrs. Wilson’s Café, located at Jodhpur Park. There were a number of stalls put up by startups like Cosmic Palette, Handmade Jewellery by IRAA, Handmade Journals and Diaries by HukomukhorHijibiji, artworks by The Dystopian Canvas, Handmade artworks by Cat on Cocaine, 7 o’clock Art show. Phase one of Day 1 contained live performances from Voice of INK, Nilanjan and friends, and last but not the least from Granthikk Banerjee. On the Next day, they have a palette of presenting arts by a number of groups of performing arts. Sahajiya Day-2 will take place at Tapan theatre. It will consist of programs like ‘ShobaiChup’ by The Calcutta Theatre Co., Bella Ciao by BarishaShubrittatayan, Ishtehar By Uncurtained. Uttar Dakshin, a duet dance recital by Bhramori Roy and PoulamiBasak has been lined up for the day, Arunadoy by Kakshik Theatre Group and HirawkSawhor are some of the other attractions of Sahajiya.

Team Shohoj have meticulously designed their first ever Multi-art festival and successfully completed their first day of Sahajiya with music, poetry, art exhibitions, paintings, handicrafts, fine-arts and many more. They are now whole-heartedly looking up to their second big day keeping their fingers crossed. Festivals like these nurtures a spirit of hope and positivity during this post-lockdown period in this Global Pandemic Phase.

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