A Special Legislation Should Be For Journalist

A Special Legislation Should Be For Journalist

Report By – Priti Singh

Kolkata: A book “Memory of Martyrdom of Mehta and Mukhtar” has been released. The inauguration took place at the Calcutta Press Club and was chaired by a senior journalist, writer, and chairman of the organization Memory of Martyrdom, Mr. Shaitanu Academy, Chairman Education Sub-Committee, Mr. Biswajit Chakirbetri (retired ASP) former human rights officer. Talking to Siren News, Biswajit Chakerabrat journalists should know their responsibility very well. “Journalists are pillars of society and journalists should have special laws, protection and privileges to come forward,” Chakraborty said. Responding to the question of who shot and killed a journalist, people talked about him for only a few days, and after that there was no discussion, Chakraborty replied and said “this is part of human nature. But Things need to change the media. The person should focus on us. “

Dr. Shakeel Athar, Vice President of IMA, Bengal State is answering the question that there is a large number of media print, electronic, radio web portals, digital media WhatsApp that they should be treated equally when sharing a platform “Media is Part of our democracy, but unfortunately, in the present era the media is not doing its job properly, due to which the identity of the media is misplaced. I would suggest that those who are prominent in the media, caution the media members because the media Transparency will do. “

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