Medical Sciences & Hospital Shows Concerns Over Intensive Second Wave of COVID-19

Medical Sciences & Hospital Shows Concerns Over Intensive Second Wave of COVID-19

Kolkata: An online press conference was held by Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital (JIMSH) that shows and concern over the intensive Second Wave of COVID-19. During the virtual discussion experts who has to join the panel are Dr. Biswaroop Mukherjee, Associate Professor, General Medicine, JIMSH, Dr. Kaushik Hazra, MD – Assistant Professor, General Medicine, JIMSH, Dr. V. Lakshman, MS – Associate Professor, General Surgery, JIMSH, Dr. Debapriya Banerjee, Senior Consultant JIMSH along with Mr. Jagannath Gupta, Chairman of JIMHS, Mr. K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman of JIMSH and Shayantani Datta Manager- Operations and Quality Assurance. This panel discussion seems important as the country entered the second wave of COVID, and the discussion was about the step required to be taken by public and hospital bodies to combat the second wave of COVID efficiently.

The discussion was led by Shayatani Datta where she is picking up question expert were seen answering and discussing over the subject and topic.

While answering the question of Siren Editor that is their changes in COVID-19 symptoms panel answered and informed that there is no changes or nothing new symptoms were found during the second wave of COVID-19. However, the things that doctors highly witness that diarrhea has also become the concern symptoms, earlier also it has been found but nowadays it is also seen in many patients. The expert also urges elderly people to stay home and do out go out without any precautions. Otherwise, all the symptoms are same as it was found during the first wave of COVID.

Mr. K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman of JIMSH said, “We take full responsibility in taking proactive steps to modify our hospital facilities. No self-medication, always consult your family physician when suffering from loss of smell, diarrhea, and weakness. We, as a frontline institution, are grateful to be able to provide assistance and treatment to our best capacity even during the upsurge of infection. If every healthcare organization prepares for the same, I am sure together we can tackle the second wave smoothly.”

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