Bespoke Fine Jewelry brand Nornament launches their new showroom in Kolkata

Bespoke Fine Jewelry brand Nornament launches their new showroom in Kolkata

Kolkata : The luxury that Nornament has graced people with for over two decades is coming to Kolkata. A creation borne from the dream of Sushma Maloo, has created a world of affordable luxury in India. Under the piercing eyes of her son, Creative Director Pradhyuman Maloo, the brand launches its new showroom at Kolkata’s iconic district of Elgin Road, and a celebration of authenticity has found its perfect home in the City of Joy.

The showroom has found a seat at Elgin Road, Platinum Mall, Below Bikers Café, Kolkata-700020, that reflects the radiance of the jewels and their intricate finesse. Lined with contemporary art, and stunning display windows, the showroom reflects the design and creativity, which is in line with the jewellery.

In anticipation of the launch, Nornament Founder, Sushma Maloo says, “We are thrilled to finally open in Kolkata. Each piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and our endeavor has been to bring our design narrative, to the customer, in the most honest way possible.

Adding to this, Pradhyuman Maloo, Creative Director, Nornament says, “We wanted to create more than a showroom, and the new store lends itself as an unparalleled experience. It is as much about how a woman feels as how she looks, and I wanted every detail of the ambience to take that into account.”

Team Nornament with Diti Saha & Jessica Aron

Nornament is a home that has grown under a core mantra- Authenticity is the Best Luxury. Every jewel that comes from this abode explores the emotions and vibrant personalities of the humans of our world.  The extensive range of bespoke fine jewelry focuses on personalized jewelry, bespoke pieces that are one of a kind, with a promise to light up every big day.

The showroom waits in its spot, for every soul that walks in to find a reflection of themselves. Nornament vows warmth and devotion to every customer, who is always more than a customer. Kolkata is the next piece in Nornament’s family, ever growing and forever loving. We focus personal attention to every face that walks in. With one-of-a-kind designs that reflect the intricate personalities Nornament serves, it is a vibrant selection that is promised.

About Nornament: Nornament was born to a fearless and passionate dreamer- Sushma Maloo,
a first generation entrepreneur, an iconoclast with her forward thinking and unique designs willing to beat the odds.

In 1998, she walked into an industry that was largely male dominated at the time. Despite the obstacles and roadblocks, Sushma knew she had something special worth fighting for. Pradhyuman Maloo, as a boy, he watched the dream of his inspiring mother creating a business and launching a legacy. Pradhyuman, with his intuition and empathy, understood that Nornament was born out of a
love for all that is traditional. He also recognized the compatibility of classic traditions with modern functionality. It is with this vision that he took on the role of Creative Director and Business Strategist at Nornament. At the age of 31, Pradhyuman already has a decade of experience in jewellery design and manufacturing. He has taken up this mantle with enthusiasm and vision to become the driving force behind Nornament.

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