Heart health mistakes by men and tips to avoid them, as revealed by doctor

Heart health mistakes by men and tips to avoid them, as revealed by doctor

en tend to make various mistakes when it comes to their heart health and as a result, heart problems are rising in men. To avoid these common mistakes that can give a tough time to men’s heart and to save your heart, we got a doctor on board to know more about them and sort the fitness woes. After all, you cannot take it lightly when it is a matter of your heart.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Narayan Gadkar, Cardiologist at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, listed the mistakes and their solutions:

1. Thinking that you cannot get a heart attack as you are young – You will be shocked to know that heart problems are not just limited to older people but even youngsters can suffer from them. Yes, you have heard us here! Heart attack is not an old man’s disease anymore. Anyone irrespective of their age can get a heart attack and it can show up unannounced too. Nowadays, women are more prone to heart attacks than men. So, do not rule out the possibility of heart attack thinking that you are young and follow a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your age is, start following a heart-healthy diet, exercise, maintain an optimum weight, de-stress and quit smoking. Moreover, check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels from time to time. A healthy lifestyle is a key to keeping heart attacks at bay.

 Self-medication – A majority of people tend to self-medicate by taking over-the-counter pills instead of visiting the doctor, and this can cause further complications. It is the need of the hour to be vigilant and stop doing so.

What can be done? In case you have any symptoms such as chest pain, rapid breathing or even sweating then consult the doctor on an immediate basis. Do not be dependent on any home remedies or OTC medication.

3. Binge drinking – Bingeing on anything is not at all a good idea. But, let’s admit that we all do it at some point of time. Even during the pandemic, many people have done binge drinking or eating which has taken a toll on their health. You will be shocked to know that you can suffer from serious heart conditions if you are having too much alcohol. Too much alcohol intake can make you susceptible to heart or strokes. Alcohol will raise blood pressure, which is the main reason behind heart failure or stroke.

4. Not exercising every day – Exercising on a daily basis is not only important for your mind but even the heart. Regular physical activity can help you to manage high blood pressure and stress which can further cause heart problems.

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