Running from studies, boy cycles 54 km in hairpin bends of ghats

Running from studies, boy cycles 54 km in hairpin bends of ghats

Frustrated with a hectic learning schedule, 13-year-old Om Kale from Satpur in Nashik cycled 54 km to Mokhada in Jawhar and got lost. If it were not for Zilla Parishad member Prakash Nikam, the boy might not have been able to find his way out of the hairpin bends of Jawhar-Trimbakeshwar ghats. Om was roaming aimlessly when Nikam found him and received evasive replies to his questions. He took him to Mokhada police station, where the visibly famished teen was given water and food.

He then revealed that he had left home to meet his mother in Niphad, Nashik, when his father was away at work. His aunt was in for a shock when she called his mother to check if he had reached.

On learning later that his son was missing, the father registered a complaint at Satpur police station, and was told a missing person case can only be lodged after 24 hours. Next day, he was informed that Om had been found after Mokhada cops called Satpur station.

The overjoyed parents travelled to Mokhada to fetch him. Om said he took a wrong turn and landed up in the ghats instead of Niphad. Fortunately, nothing untoward occurred before Nikam found him.

The ghats of Jawhar and Vikramgadh are known to be dangerous and people have been reportedly attacked by wild animals. The police have advised the father to take the son for counselling as he seemingly hates studies and also the school

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