Won a lot of applause by presenting the composition in the poetry evening organized online under the aegis of Sahitya Madhushala.

Won a lot of applause by presenting the composition in the poetry evening organized online under the aegis of Sahitya Madhushala.

Reported By Satish Bansal

Sirsa – In the poetry evening organized online under the aegis of Sahitya Madhushala, the poets garnered a lot of applause by presenting more than one composition on various subjects. The poets emphasized on making the new generation cultured. Inauguration of the program organized on the last day. Jain Rajendra Gulechha, associated with Bangalore, worshiped the mother of Saraswati, O Goddess of Shrut.. O Mother Saraswati, give us Sumati by removing the Kumati. Happened from The poet of lighting the lamp, Jaiprakash Agrawal (Nepal) said – You do not come, there are many guests. The sky is full of dreams. Shama Jain Singhal of Assam, remembering the Malhars in Sawan, said – Clouds narrated Malhar, there was a rumbling black cloud. To meet her beloved, Ruth of Sawan came. On Friendship Day, Deepika Mishra explained the importance of friendship and said that friendship is like a blooming bud of a flower. Friendship is the agreement of a restful sleep in the afternoon. Pramod Khirwal from Tatanagar said, in his growing age, the young love of the young heart was winged – I am Matwala Bhanwara 60, that Albeli Titli 55. The love of both is still young, listening to the bell used to come near.. Nandlal Saraswat Swadeshi, who was presiding the program, made the atmosphere gloomy by presenting a very touching composition describing the pain of the families of the martyrs. He said that- Mother is silent since then, what is the matter with mother asking everyone. Usha Jain Kedia, the operator of the stage, who is managing the program efficiently, said that- Let’s spend a few watches with them. Those who do not have parents, no support. Our children should not remain hungry.

In the program, School Principal Dr. Sheela Punia Insan felicitated 62 girl students of the school and their parents who passed class 12th with more than 90 percent marks and their parents. On reaching the conference hall, the meritorious girl students and their parents were welcomed by applying tilak and feeding them sweets. After this a documentary related to the school was shown. On this occasion schoolgirls and their parents also shared their experiences related to the school. Parents said that in Shah Satnam ji educational institutions, students are given good values along with studies. Addressing the students and parents present during the program, Principal Dr. Sheela Punia Insan said that due to the holy teachings of Revered Guru Sant Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and hard work of the teachers, the result of his school is like every year. This time also it has been 100%. All the girl students of his school have passed the exam with merit. Which is a matter of pride for the school. In the program Arshnoor Insan, who topped the school with 98.4 percent marks in Science stream, Sandeep Kaur topper with 98 percent marks in Commerce stream, Jaspreet Kaur, who secured 97.6 percent marks in the same faculty and Palak, who scored 96.6 percent marks in Arts stream.

While congratulating the present Sadh Sangat on the auspicious month of August, Satish Insan was motivated to actively participate in 142 humanitarian works in this month. Along with this, a resolution was also taken by Sadh Sangat to plant maximum number of saplings on 15th August, the holy incarnation day of revered Guru ji. Meanwhile, following the campaign for the welfare of humanity in 142 initiated by revered Guru Ji on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, the present Sadh Sangat raised their hands and reiterated their vow to establish the tricolor in their homes. . At the same time, women and men of Shah Satnam Ji Green Ace Welfare Force Wing present, took a pledge to serve the country by hoisting the tricolor symbolizing the pride and pride of the country and saluting it. Under the orphan maternal-paternal service campaign, the widow was given a plot by taking a plot and the Sadh-Sangat of Block Kalyan Nagar gave a plot of 50 yards to Manjeet wife Sachkhandwasi Lekhraj, resident of Indra Vikas Colony of the block, under the orphan mother-father service campaign. Took it. After this, a room, kitchen, lettering bathroom including a complete pucca house was built in it. On which about two and a half lakh rupees were spent by the sangha-sangat.

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