Curtain Raiser at The Indian Leather Products Association’s 25th Anniversary

Curtain Raiser at The Indian Leather Products Association’s 25th Anniversary

The Indian Leather Products Association is preparing for their Silver Jubilee fashion spectacular ILPA 2022: ‘Leather on the Ramp.’ This Curtain Raiser, a preview of its annual trademark forthcoming event, took place today at Gucci, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata.

Pinky Kenworthy choreographed the event, which featured 20 models from Kolkata and Mumbai. This year’s ILPA Show 2022 – Leather on the Ramp would feature 9 episodes. The following brands are on the ramp: 1) Trio Group, 2) Crescent Exports Syndicate, and 3)

Rene, Edcons Exports Pvt Ltd, Rajda Industries & Exports Pvt Ltd, and YNOT’s Ashibo

INDIA, NS Leather Products Pvt Ltd, Om Leather Art Deco, and Sumbul Tanning are among the companies. Corporation.

Mr. Ajay Tarway, President of ILPA, stated on this occasion, “ILPA seeks to create and maintain a reciprocal relationship with professional bodies, import associations, and Chambers of Commerce abroad in order to assist and promote leather product export.” The leather goods business is a labor-intensive industry with more than 30% of workers being women and a high demand for trained labour.

ILPA’s key efforts in 2022 include: Skill Development with PBSSD under the Utkarsha Bangal Program; Participation in the Bengal Global Business Summit 2022 and exhibit at the Bengal Global Trade Expo in Science City; and the construction of a sewage treatment plant and a common facility centre.

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