Only if you pay will you get promoted! The new emphasis on social media influencers

Only if you pay will you get promoted! The new emphasis on social media influencers

The government will issue new guidelines for social media influencers soon. You must spend money on social media to promote a product or a location. According to an official source, “The Department of Consumer Affairs is developing social media influencer standards. It will instruct them on what they should and should not do.” According to insiders, social media influencers with large Instagram followings are being paid by brands to promote their products.

According to the proposed criteria, social media influencers who promote a brand after receiving payment must publicly disclose their relationship with that brand.

The department and the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) organized a virtual meeting with stakeholders, including e-commerce companies, in May to explore the prevalence of fraudulent reviews on their platforms. Fake reviews lead people astray when they buy items and services online. After researching e-commerce entities and existing systems in India, they opted to develop these structures.

Customers rely on social media influencers because they cannot physically view or test the product when doing virtual buying in e-commerce. Rohit Kumar Singh, the Consumer Affairs Secretary, stated, “The genuineness of the influencers and the platform’s corresponding liability remain two major challenges here. E-commerce players must also explain how they sell a fair and accurate product.”

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