A New Step in Alternate Homoeo Treatment

A New Step in Alternate Homoeo Treatment

By – Dr. Rajesh Kundu, Kolkata

Though there are many debates regarding Homoeo treatment but in a recent statistics it is revealed by a survey that about 60% people like Homoeo treatment.

In the pat there were many famous Homoeo Doctors in West Bengal. Dr. Mohendra Lal Sarkar was an Allopathic Doctor but he left Allopathy and chooses Homoeopathy treatment. Vidyasagar started treatment Homoeopathy among the poor villagers.

Dr. Prokash  Mollick was born in Vidyasagar’s village Birsingha, which is now in West Midnapur.

Prokash’s brother Bikash was suffering from Brian Tumor and in spite of modern treatment he was died. So Prokash’s father Joydev Babu insisted Prokash to take Homoeopathy course.

At first Prokash didn’t want to continue his studies in Homoeopathy, as it has no social value at that time. Lastly he came to learn that Vidyasagar was also an Homoeopath Doctor and gave his consent to learn Homoeopathy.

He got admission in Kharagpur Homoeopathy College and got his D.M.S. from Metropolitan Medical College, than he got his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from Baxon Homoeopathy Medical College, Uttar Pradesh. He is now one of the eminent physicians of West Bengal and India. Dr. Mollick is one of the first class Homoeopaths in the World’, a Bangladeshi Doctor wrote in several daily articles. Dr. Mollick has created an organization called “World Federation of Homoeopathy” to spread the blessings of Homoeopathy with branches in 10 countries.

For Homoeo Doctors he wrote 73 books on Cancer, Asthma, Skin disease, Heart disease, Child disease and Female disease. Dr. Prokash Mollick also invented a new era which is now well known as “Mollick Method” Dr. Prokash Mollick is now famous in the world of Homoeopathy as P. Mollick. Except Kolkata he also visits village areas regularly, especially in the villages of Midnapur, as Midnapur is his birth place.

Dr. Mollick was born in Birsingha, in Midnapur so some people called his “Sagar Putra”. Dr. Prokash Mollick is a rare and exceptional person in the World of Homoeopathy. Because he was the ancestor of those who excelled in the World of Homoeopathy. He was associated with teaching. Dr. Mollick has achieved excellence without getting any such professional and family benefits. He has cured many complex diseases. Official awards and titles for such treatments. Dr. Mollick first started treatment in the remote Srinagar village of Chandrakona in the district of Medinipur. That place in Srinagar is today known as “Mallick Bazar”. Dr. Mollick started the research on his own initiative seeing that the desired benefits of traditional homoeopathy were not being achieved. He started his treatment with a combination of fortified Homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathic mother fincture and medicine, and Bio-chemical medicine. Which is today called as “Mallick Method”. That method has been able to cure complex diseases like cancer, infertility, asthma, hemorrhoids. That research is still going on today. Dr. Kunal Bhattacharya, Dr. Goutam Biswas, Dr. Shelly Dhar, Dr. Nilkamal Barman, Dr. Rajesh Kundu and others are involved. Partha Sarathi, son of Dr. Prokash says, “I am trying to take my father’s work forward.”

Most of the patients in Dr. Mollick’s chambers are complex. They came after failing to treat Allopathy such cancer patients have come from Uttar Pradesh after searching through the Internet. Another patient Uma Pramanick (breast cancer) came from East Midnapur. Earlier blood used to flow from the breats but now it does not flow anymore. Another patient came from Kalna with her baby in her lap. She told me that I had not a child for eight long years. This baby has come by Dr. Mollick’s treatment. Doctor Babu is God to me.

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