BJP and IPFT govt following ’88 coalition government: Manik Sarkar

BJP and IPFT govt following ’88 coalition government: Manik Sarkar

Siren News, Agartala : “In 1988, the current BJP and IPFT government took the form of a coalition government. The people of the state will follow the same path as the Left Front government was established by ousting the then government”, opposition leader Manik Sarkar expressed his opinion while paying tribute to the martyrs of Birchandra Manu at the West District Committee office on Wednesday.

He explained at that time that the coalition government that was in 1988 was established in the government with many promises. But later that government failed to fulfill its promises and people ousted them and installed the Left Front government. But in 2018, it was seen that the BJP and IPFT coalition government came to power in the state with more promises than the then government. Opposition Left Front forces helped them to come to government. Now they are not able to fulfill their promises sitting in power. There is no mention of why they are not able to keep their promises. And when people are realizing this BJP is bringing down the fascist easy attack.

And intolerance is now very noticeable within the BJP. Because there is growing anger among the people. And this is creating hatred among people. And the alliance that was forged between the BJP and the IPFT has begun to crumble. And those who were with this coalition government are slowly moving away. BJP and IPFT are signs of government weakness and disunity. This is causing them fear. And this process shows where this powerful government is reaching. But even then, if the BJP thinks that it will create a new history through easy fascist attacks, then they are wrong, said the opposition leader Manik Sarkar.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Badal Chowdhury, CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury and other leaders were also present in the memorial meeting organized on this day. They also criticized the government and paid tribute to the martyrs.

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