BJP is trying to cripple ADC: Tipra Motha alleged

BJP is trying to cripple ADC: Tipra Motha alleged

Siren News, Agartala (Tripura) : The election period for village committee in 527 constituencies of Tripura ended on March 7, 2021. The government did not arrange the elections on time due to the pretext of covid. But in how many years and a half the election of Pur Nagar Sansthan has been held in Tripura. So after filing a case in the Tripura High Court on behalf of the Tipra Motha, it has been directed to organize the village committee elections by the first week of November.

But after the release of the voter list for the village committee election, it was found that many Reang refugees were not named in it. In this regard, an NGO organization in the state has petitioned the court to register the names of about 21,700 people of Bru Reang in the voter list to conduct the election of the election village committee. But on Saturday, through a statement from the State Election Commission, it is said that on January 5 this year, the Election Commission of India and the Election Commission of Tripura have released the final voter list.

Again, the final voter list will be published after January 5, 2023. So it is clear that it is impossible to include Bru Reang in the voter list. Such role of the state government and election commission is strongly condemned. In protest of this, on October 19, every Rural Development Block Precinct Tipra Motha will organize a movement with all its strength and protest against such a decision of the Election Commission. Tipra Matha president Vijay Hrankhwal and party leader Animesh Debbarma said this at a press conference at Chandra Mahal on Sunday. Animesh Debbarma challenged the ruling party BJP in a press conference and said that if the village committee elections are held at this moment, Tipra Matha will win more than four hundred seats out of 527 seats without contesting with those who claim to be the largest party.

BJP is trying to avoid village committee elections. The main reason behind this is that Tipra Matha is becoming the voice of Tiprasa. And BJP has always tried to avoid village committee elections to stop this voice. Therefore, it is being said to the ruling party that Tiprasa’s voice cannot be prevented by avoiding the village committee elections. He said that Tipra Matha will fight for the existence and constitutional rights of Tiprasa. Animesh Debbarma also said that the state government has not only conspired with the village committee elections, they are trying to paralyze the ADC. ADC is trying to stop various projects in the area for the development of the people of the Janjati section. Even they trying to make guardians to run ADCs with the Janjati Kalyan Department to cripple them financially. Animesh Debbarma said that it is strongly condemned. ADC Chairman Jagadish Debbarma and other leaders were also present in the press conference.

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