The farmers of Bishalgarh are inclined to cultivate mustard

The farmers of Bishalgarh are inclined to cultivate mustard

Bindusmita Bhowmik, Siren News, Agartala (Tripura) : Some farmers in the Nabinagar area of Bishalgarh in the Sepahijala district of Tripura have set an example in mustard cultivation. About 70 to 75 farmers in the area have been cultivating mustard along with other crops for several years. They are benefiting financially from this. Speaking with our reporter, local farmer Bazlu Mia said that they are earning more than other crops by cultivating mustard. Because on the one hand, it is possible to sell mustard at a much higher price as the yield is good. Due to the high profit of this crop, new farmers are getting involved in mustard cultivation every year. However, last December’s rains caused some damage to their crops; otherwise the yield would have been better.

Farmer Bazlu Mia said that for many years a small amount of mustard was cultivated here, mainly to meet the needs of the farmers themselves. But at present the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of the state government is giving all the necessary agricultural advice for mustard cultivation including fertilizers, improved varieties of seed medicine, so we are interested in cultivating this crop and getting much more profit.

They mainly sow seeds in the land from November to December. Seeds can be harvested within three to three and a half months of sowing. Several farmers said that after planting the trees do not require much care, so the cost of cultivation is relatively low. After harvesting, the agriculture department buys mustard from them for seeds and sells the rest in the market. This year he is extracting oil from mustard and selling it.

Since the oil they produce does not contain any adulterants, buyers take this oil with great interest, and many even say in advance how much oil the car will need. All in all, farmers are benefiting a lot by cultivating mustard. They thanked the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of the state government for helping the farmers in this endeavor.

Debabrata Pal, assistant director of the local Bishalgarh Agriculture Regional Officer’s Office, told our reporter that mustard has been cultivated in about 13 hectares of land in the area this year, from which about 120 containers of mustard have been produced. “We supply high yielding PM-27, 28, 30, 32 and N-9 varieties to the farmers,” he added. They are being provided free seeds by the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare. Moreover, the farmers are assisted with the necessary materials for cultivation.

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