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Crucial Decisions Made By Donald Trump In The Middle of Pandemic

Since the day COVID-19 hit the world, the US reports the highest death rate due to the deadly virus. Soon after that, the US president took several decisions that turned out to be unpredictable for many, people find it difficult to understand the logic behind. Here are three major decisions:-

Donald Trump’s administration plan to ban Chinese passengers

A massive decision taken by the US President On June 3rd, 2020; Donald Trump’s administration plan to ban Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States in mid-June as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights; three U.S. and airline officials briefed on the matter. This move was made after Beijing failed to fulfill an existing agreement on flights between the world’s two largest economies. However, the date may yet be brought forward.

Trump May Announce New Restrictions On H-1B Visa

US President Donald Trump will soon announce new restrictions on employment-based immigration. “The Government is going to proclaim something on the visas,” said Trump. US President gave a short brief and said, “There will be very little exclusions, in some cases, you have to have exclusions. You need them for big business where they have certain people that have been coming in for a long time.” Reportedly, Trump Administration also looks after the executive action that may probably suspend H-2B visas for seasonal workers such as hotel and construction staff, J-1 visas, which generally refers to the research scholars and professors, and other cultural and work-exchange programs.

US may try to help China & India on LAC situation: Reports Not Confirmed yet

Reportedly, in the ongoing conflict between India and China, US President Donald Trump came ahead and said, “the Asian neighbors are dealing with a ‘big problem’ and the United States will try to help them out.” However, The American leader did not take any side, neither revealed what steps the US is going to take further to help the two countries.


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