Diarrhoea, vomiting Noted As New coronavirus symptoms

Special Correspondent, New Delhi

India COVID-19 cases are escalating rapidly because new fresh report cases added new symptoms of COVID-19 loss. As per the reports, doctors at Chest and King Koti hospitals in Hyderabad said that that the new symptoms severe diarrhoea, headache, and vomiting are delaying the process of diagnosis and treatment. Doctors are in worry because people who have symptoms of stomach upset are not going to suspect COVID-19 as this not been seen as symptoms of the novel coronavirus. People need to understand and more aware of these symptoms.

Earlier, the Union Health Ministry in June expanded the list of symptoms of novel coronavirus and included Diarrhoea, sore throat, and exhaustion to the list. Presently, doctors are coming across these new symptoms in fresh cases, concerns are being raised over the delay in the treatment of people with these symptoms. Doctors also mentioned that the new symptoms have prompted the need to step-up the treatment and also test those people who are suffering from new symptoms and not just the common ones. It further added that the common symptoms cough, fever, and breathlessness are not being noted in patients as earlier, while new symptoms are creating confusion.

Currently, India witnessed more than 6 Lakh cases, including more than 16k deaths. In the middle of that, the new symptoms created panic among people. So far, there are very rare cases related to the new symptoms. “New upcoming cases are obtainable as caused due to food-poisoning and seasonal change leading to stomach upset. And it is the virus which is attacking gastro-intestinal track first instead of lungs. It is presented in the form of severe diarrhea and vomiting causing dehydration. This can lead to weakness, lower oxygen level, low BP, low sugar, and sudden collapse,” said Doctor’s.

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