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Food Safety Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi initiated action against M/S ARCHIAN FOODS Punjab.

Products of ARCHIAN FOODS found Unsafe & Sub-Standard.

By Special Correspondent, New Delhi

During the pandemic time, a lot of people are losing their lives for various reasons. One of the main reasons is poor health condition which is vulnerable to Coronavirus. Thus, it is urged by the expert and officials to take care of one’s health by eating & drinking healthy. But some businessmen have not noticed it and stayed busy profiting by selling products that violate the standard issued by the Food Safety Department.

It has come to our knowledge that a Member of Parliament has purchased a few packaged water bottles name: ASSAN (Mfd. by ARCHIAN FOODS) it was found shocking about the quality of water, which was really bad, after having bad experienceby product of ARCHIAN FOODS. The Member of Parliament  has requested the Food Safety Dept. Govt of NCT and Delhi to look in to other products of the company. So as requested the concerned department has collected samples from the residence of Member of Parliament and department has also collected samples from the market as well. It was also shocking that those products was also sub standard , unsafe.

The Department of Food Safety Delhi received a complaint against a local brand available in the market named Archian Foods company owned by Nikhil Doda. They picked up six sealed product samples of food articles and packed drinking water and Carbonated Beverages (Ready to Serve). The lab results by the department of food safety were shocking.

According to the report, the water bottle they lifted had one dead insect observed physically with some other particles. Also, the batch number and the date of packing were missing. Another product, Lahori Jeera carbonated fruit beverage was found substandard because of Aerobic Plate Count and Yeast & Mould Count exceed the prescribed maximum limits.

There is more, Shikanji carbonated fruit beverage was sold after the lapse of best before date. Nimbu Soda carbonated fruit beverage was also found sold after it was past expiration date. In the report, the products were mentioned as unsafesubstandard, and misbranded. It has been said that the company has violated section 3(1) (zz) (iii) (x), Section 3 (1) (zx) and 3 (1) (zf) respectively. Also found in contravention of Regulation no. of the FSS (packaging and labelling) act, 2011 is punishable under the section of 59 (i), section 51, and section. From the government’s side, action is being initiated against those violating FSS Act, Rules, and Regulations, including the manufacturing company M/S Archian Foods.

The company has a good business in three states ChandigarhNew Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. While the country’s Prime Minister, doctors, health experts are suggesting eating healthy so the death toll and spread of corona can be minimised, amid such situation this news is really disturbing. While no research is conducted exactly how badly Water Bottle with adead insect insideexpired Shikanji & Nimbu Soda and Lahori Jeera that’s deemed substandard by the lab reports can affect the health, one can guess it is not at all good but harmful to a normal healthy person. By any chance, if a non-healthy person consumes it, the effect of expired chemical drinks can lead to a big health problem.

People don’t deserve to consume extra Yeast and Mould without their knowledge spending their hard-earned money. Nor they deserve dead insects inside a water bottle. Already hospital beds are filled with thousands of patients. If fallen badly ill by products sold in the market, people will have no place to go. Also, this will affect the good names of the similar products available in the market. Sales will go down and many innocent companies may suffer the loss. If Indian companies do not live up to the standard, it is normal for foreign products to gain popularity in the market in which case, ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ dream might take a big toll.

It is said that Press & Media is the ‘Fourth Pillar of Democracy’, but delivering the truth to everyone is not an easy job. In this case, though torching light on the information, we have received our hurdle. Within 8 hours of publishing the news, we have received a legal notice from the lawyers who were allegedly hired by the ARCHIAN FOODS. According to the rules the products are to be retested within a month but it is like giving a chance to the company who may prove that they clean like Maa Ganga but truth is already proved that they have supplied previously and may be still they a supplying it is not a time to recheck it’s a time for government to take strict action and on the basis of the report given by Govt. of NCT of Delhi. In today’s dishonest world it is very easy to tamper with reports. Thus the government should keep a strong watch on the retest, for a simple mistake might make thousands of people sick and a bad health condition might lead to corona which can ultimately lead to death.

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