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India In The List of Worst Affected Country With COVID-19 Positive Cases

By Priti Singh (Special Correspondent, Kolkata)

Vaccine on trial, and lockdown open with phased manner but still the number of COVID-19 cases is on a high peak. India replaces the United Kingdom and becomes the 4th worst affected country in the world with more than 3 Lakhs positive cases. In spite of India took a major initiative of complete and restrict lockdown the positive cases have been increasing rapidly in the country.

It is very difficult to assume or analyze that at what mark India’s positive cases will reach? Now, Should India concentrate upon augmentation of beds in hospitals and increasing the number of quarantine centres nationwide Or Should India go for another period of lockdown to impede? Considering the latter the matter of concern for India will be its economy as it’s already witnessed a huge spill during a two-month lockdown.

However, earlier the Central government had said that India’s Covid-19 recovery rate has increased to 49.47 percent, while the doubling rate of coronavirus patients now stands at 17.4 days. India is now the fourth worst coronavirus-affected country in the world. As per the survey report, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan are the worst affected states with a deadly virus and it’s also created a dreadful scenario around the country. Due to the number of positive cases mounting some states may call for the lockdown. New Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia already predicted that Delhi may witness more than 5 Lakh cases. On the other side, Maharashtra is close to surpassing 1 lakh cases.

The situation worsened when panic was stirred among the people and migrants workers. Many migrant workers were gathering to travel inter-state without adequate precautions and in some states, violence took place between migrates and police officials. The nation also witnessed beaten up the medical staff who is serving as worrier against corona and there are some visuals come from the states where people are found to be gathered for marketing. If such visuals capture the view of common people then how come the state administration is being reluctant in the wake of such a horrible situation? In addition, the long queues in front of the liquor shops must not be forgotten. The buyers were seen standing restlessly in the row without adhering social distance. Some of them were found even a face mask.

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