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Kejriwal Says “NO” To Outsiders! Delhi LT Governor Say “No” To Discrimination

By Priti Singh (Special Correspondent, Kolkata)

On the basis of availability of beds in private and government hospitals the National Capital Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has decided to not allow outsiders in Delhi, but why? The most scandalous part is when the entire nation is fighting together against the deadly virus than how Kejriwal asked his own country people to be away from the capital for the treatment. In spite of knowing the fact that the COVID-19 case is drastically mounting in the country, the CM asked outsiders to stay out. However, Dr. Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal stood for the Indian population and defines the constitution Act of Article 21 “Right to Health” is an integral part of “Right to Life” in the constitution.

A though process between two dignified personality is shows that a mindset should be connects to the Indian democracy. The treatment is as equal as humanity. New Delhi is the first state in the country that entrains with such an irrelevant judgment. It is imperative for every state to stand united when people are searching for assistance. The question is rolling in the air as everyone knows many people across the nation go to the New Delhi for better treatment but from 8th June onwards only Delhi people have the right in every private and government hospital. All 10,000 beds in Delhi government hospitals will be allotted for residents of the capital. Beds in private hospitals are also earmarked for Delhites only. It is comprehensible that every state Chief Minister has the responsibility of their people but it’s not written anywhere that any minister will not allow outsiders for the treatment. This decision creates anxiety among the people and compelled people to assume where they will go during the health crises. To make understand the people ache Lieutenant Governor show the real worth of people. In the middle of pandemic the Delhi Chief Minister have to comprehend that such pronouncement can put someone into the most awful situation.

Hardly anyone can explain or find the reason behind such illogical judgment, it a liability of the Chief Minister that instead of asking outsiders stays out, he should think about how to augment the bed’s availability, facilities, and quarantine center. Sealed borders, giving relaxation, and not providing medical assistance to outsiders is the way the only way to deal and heal with the pandemic? As an alternative should Kejriwal seem for a better solution? This type of decision does not show the burly side of the Delhi government. Meanwhile, Dr. Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal voice for the millions of people raise the most concern issue that discrimination in the time of pandemic create negative impact in the world.

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