Legal Action against Archian Foods Company, for Supplying Unhealthy Drinking Water and Carbonated Beverages (LAHORI ZEERA)

By Special Correspondent, New Delhi

Archian Foods company is running unhealthy Drinking water and Carbonated Beverages (LAHORI ZEERA) in three states Chandigarh, New Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. Reportedly, the company owner’s name is Nikhil Doda. As per the Delhi Department of food safety, they lifted six samples of food articles and packed drinking water, after taking the samples the department found the food stuffs and materials are unsafe, sub-standard, and misbranded.

It has been also said that the company has violent section 3(1) (zz) (iii) (x), Section 3 (1) (zx) and 3 (1) (zf) respectively. Officials also informed that if the company being violated the FSS act, 2006 then they will be punished under the section of 59 (i), section 51, and section.

However, it is yet to know how Archian Food Company is running such harmful Drinking Water and Carbonated Beverages (LAHORI ZEERA) during this pandemic. So far, No statement has from the company owner. Moreover, the investigating is going to find how far this injurious water has been distributed and is anyone is suffering from the health issue due to the poisonous Carbonated Beverages.

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