Lockdown Has Led Rapid Increase In Domestic Violence & Mental Health

It has been said that there is no specific age or gender that are suffering from the mental issue. But the National Legal Services Authority (NLSA) suggests that the nationwide lockdown has led to a rapid increase in cases of domestic violence. However, data recorded Uttarakhand as the highest number of domestic violence during the two months of lockdown and Haryana spotted at number two, after which the Capital of India New Delhi comes at number three. As per the data till May 15, 28 states reported state Legal Services following to data more then 100 cases of domestic violence.

India has already surpassed 15 Lakh cases that create a dreadful situation among people. To prevent this deadly COVID-19 virus government decided to impose lockdown and implements some of the restrictions. Due to which a huge number of Indian people are suffering from mental health issues. According to the study, people who become jobless are suffering highly from mental health. The reasons are lack of money, an expenditure of the house, and the most important survival in the world.  So far, it has been reported that approx 26% of respondents were suffering from mild depression, 11 percent were feeling moderately depressed, and six percent were facing severe symptoms of depression. Subsequently, the series of lockdowns, anxiety, job cuts, health scares, and the overall volatile environment, make people stress levels all-time high.

Reportedly, virtually 59% of the population mentioned that they had little pleasure in doing things these days, out of which 38% have this feeling in a few days and nearly 9% feel so more than half of the days. Nearly 12 percent felt this way almost every day in these times. On the other hand, there are a number of people reported who are feeling hopeless, and not so common among the respondents. Only 10 percent of them said they felt “down and depressed” more than half of the days or nearly every day.

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