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Pakistanis Sing India National Anthem In Anti-China Protest

First time in history, Pakistanis joined a protest with Indians against China in front of the Chinese embassy. The video was posted on Social media platforms and went viral overnight. The entire nation’s eye was locked and stunned to see Pakistanis singing India National Anthem Jana Gana Mana and Vande Mantram.

Arif Aajakia, a Pakistani human rights activist shouted Boycott China along with the members of several Indians who also believe in speaking bitter truth about his country. On the other side, Amjad Ayub Mirza also joined Arif Aajakia and uttered that he is pretty upset with China’s interference in their affairs too. Mirza hails from Mirpur in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), a few others from Karachi, and many from Iran. He also added that the Chinese are trying to wreak chaos across Gilgit Baltistan through CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) and the Pakistani government continues to work for hand in glove with Chinese.

At the moment, the outrage is increasing against China and its quite visible on the streets of London and Hong Kong. In fact, there are hundreds of images that are visible on social media that shout slogan against China.

Since the pandemic hit the entire world, China became the biggest eyesore for most countries. The powerful country like the US is also standing against China for mishandling the COVID-19 crisis; now India is angry after the violent clash took place between India and Chinese troops in Galway valley. it has a presumption that India and China sharing bilateral relationships and  India also changes rules of engagement along LAC after a violent clash with China.

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