Reasons Indicating Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death Is Not A Suicide

Do you believe Sushant didn't commit suicide? We have reasons to support that belief.

The sudden demise of ‘SIRIUS’, the brightest star of Bollywood who owned many titles prior and after his death is no more among us. His achievements continued and will continue, the man known as ‘Rajput’ in his college days, not only by name but also by his deeds. When his contemporaries were busy gathering valuables or participating in Industrial politics, our Rajput was busy learning, preaching, building opportunities for the needy. Since the ’80s, ‘nepotism’ and ‘groupism’ became a cult in Bollywood played a very dramatic role in his career. The sharks of the industry ruled the sea with ferocity and created a ban for Sushant Singh Rajput. But Sushant never thought of leaving the constellation and bid adieu to all his loved ones.

Rajput’s sudden death has astounded the whole world and left a big gap in people’s heart. Our beloved Sushant Singh Rajput left for his heavenly abode on 14th June 2020. Mumbai Police declared that Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide and their investigation displayed their lacuna. Sushant’s picture went viral on Facebook and it questioned whether it was a suicide or cold-blooded, preplanned murder. Until now, it has been called a suicide, but the number of discrepancies in the case portrays a different picture that indicates it was not a ‘suicide’ but ‘murder’. Many high profile personalities might be related to the case. Let’s take a look at all the facts. For a better understanding of the whole matter, things are divided into A, B, C, D.

A) Reasons to believe the post-mortem report is biased:-

  • Firstly, Sushant Singh Rajput was taken to the COOPER HOSPITAL, where Parveen Babi, Divya BhartiJiya Khan and this time Sushant was taken for post mortem. Whenever any mysterious death took place, celebs were taken to the same hospital; the reason and the conspirators seem common. The distance from Bandra West Joggers Park (Sushant’s address) to the Cooper Hospital is 7.5 km whereas the distance from Bandra West Joggers Park to Lilavati Hospital is just 2.3 km. Why was he dragged to that hospital if he had even 1% chance of survival, why did police wrap him up with a cloth and rushed to Cooper Hospital?
  • Why did the police take the seized cloth in a polythene bag, an essential article of the case instead of EECB (emergency evidence collector bag)?
  • The police did not even bother calling for a doctor who would declare his status of health at the place of occurrence, without any doctor’s presence how could police declare Sushant Singh Rajput dead?
  • The psychiatrist who was treating him has alleged that Sushant was suffering from Bipolar Mind and Schizophrenia. This Psychiatrist namely Kersi Bomi Chavda is Mahesh Bhatt’s schoolmate, they both completed their schooling from Don Bosco Matunga situated at Nathalal Parekh Marg, Matunga Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400019 and co-incidentally, Mr Mahesh Bhatt Happens to be the alumni of the same school. Why it’s important? You will understand in point C.
  • The team of doctor who conducted the post mortem mentioned that Rajput’s body was clear; there were no external marks of injury on any part other than his neck (the Ligature mark). Where there could be seen some reddish marks on his arms. No information is known to me regarding the viscera report.

B) Forensic evidence that indicates murder:-

1) Usually, the rope is tied first to the neck then to the supporting object. Priorly, it was known that Rajput was 5ft 10inch tall, but according to the police, the distance of the rotor of the fan is 5ft 11inch from the bed. Hence police reported that suicide could be possible with 1inch distance but Sushant Singh Rajput is 6ft 1inch tall; then how is it possible for a man to commit suicide standing on his bed and giving justification of complete suspension of his body and that too with one hand(Finger print’s found only of one hand)? Why didn’t police disclose the specification of Sushant’s height and the distance from the floor to his ceiling or the rotor of the fan? Another thing to be specified that according to national IRC building code the minimum ceiling height is 7ft and in today’s standard the newer houses or apartment can also have 9ft ceilings.

2) Any ligature mark may be produced if the body is suspended within 2 hours after death.

3) In hanging the ligature mark is oblique, non-continuous and placed high between the chin and the larynx, the base of the furrow will be hard yellowish and kind of parchment. In case of suicide, the ligature mark will be either ‘ v ‘ or ‘ ^ ‘ shaped but it will be incomplete.

4) There was no LE FACIE SYMPATHIQUE where one eye will be totally open and the other will be totally closed, instead the eyes were partially open.

5) There was no Petechial Hemorrhage, there was no Conjunctival Hemorrhage.

6) No sub-Conjunctival Hemorrhage.

7) No congestion or cyanosis.

8) Was there any injury on occipital or vertebral?

9) Was the Hyoid bone broken?

10) There are 4 types of hanging:- i)Typical, ii) Atypical, iii) Partial, iv) Complete.

* In Typical hanging the knot of the ligature will be at the nape of the neck and in Atypical the nape can be at any side of the neck.

* La Facie Sympathique is an ante mortem hanging in nature.

11) There should have been damage on Sushant’s neck muscle fibres and haemorrhage at the stermal end of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

12) Was radiological examination conducted to confirm whether the cervical vertebra, thyroid, cricoid and hyoid bone was in the proper condition or not by dissection method?

13) The Ligature mark will be oblique in case of sitting position and the ligature mark will be assailant in case of standing position.

14) No high raised platform was recovered from the P.O. Only Sushant’s fingerprint was recovered from a piece of cloth (kurta), through with he was strangulated, His CCTV camera was not working prior the day of his demise.

15) The hyoid bone was not broken; the post-mortem report says that he had pomegranate juice prior to his death. If so, where is the glass or container? Now, the container is a substantive piece of evidence.

16) In the video we could see that Sushant’s finger was moving and that too on a slow-motion which cannot be considered due to the shock the body received, and if such be considered then the fingers would have moved in a fast ‘ticking motion’. Whereas we could see that Sushant was rubbing his finger with another one.

17) His ligature mark was on his Adam’s apple which is not at all possible in case of suicide, his facial colour did not change, his facial expression was not seeming to have struggled but he received a pain, one side of the upper lip was in an uplifted position; it’s a sign that he had received an injury. There are several marks surrounding his left eye (bluish and bruised), a reddish mark on his chin, a reddish mark on his right-hand forearm, his eyes did not pop out, no release of saliva from mouth or semen from his abdomen (penis). No mark of stool from his anus.

18) When the police personnel came to the place of occurrence to investigate, why did not they rush to the hospital when they saw his fingers moving? Usually, in case of drop hanging, the time needed for unconsciousness is 7-10 minutes and full death takes near about 20-25 minutes. In case of drop hanging the body is under complete suspension and for drop hanging a table, tool or a chair is needed at any cost else the person won’t be able to hang himself or define complete suspension of the body. Then how come his fingers were moving or rubbing if he wasn’t alive?

19) The three fingerprints (Left Hand) found from the piece of cloth which was used as an article to strangulate Sushant was of the left hand. It is pertinent to mention that the fingerprints were found because of ‘Pain Holding pick’ manner. Which indicates Sushant was trying to loosen the knot. It is shocking that police did not even try to recover Sushant Singh Rajput’s fingerprints from his bed, mobile phone, door lock inside lever. Police did not even bother to get Sandeep Singh, Siddharth Pithani, the cooks, Mahesh Shetty, Sawik Chakravarty‘s fingerprints totally and for forensic test, these are very crucial, which police ignored knowingly or whichever reason it may be but this shows their preordained strategy to investigate, their lacuna in the investigation. It indicates that they opted for the shortest and easiest way to solve the mysterious mystery of the murder.

20) While watching the video of Shushant’s bedroom, we see police were present at the place of occurrence. But who is that guy wearing a black t-shirt and a black pant handling a white cloth and was also wearing a white cap & mask? Why did that guy change his pant? It’s we assume that guy works for Cooper hospital if so then they were on duty; do they always carry an extra pant and they always change it after carrying a dead body to the stretcher?

21) How could police allow Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend and others to carry down his dead body at the beginning and then the police officers followed? There were enough officers to carry him down to the stretcher.

22) The cloth which was seen in the video is shorter than a kurta. It was kind of a scarf not even the size of a dupatta.

23) It is very important to know who saw Sushant first in a hanging position? And why didn’t they click a photo of him in such a position? Police had themselves declared in the video that “ Kisine unhe buri tarhase mara hai “ in Marathi, then how could they declare it to be a suicide?

24) Why did police mention Shushant Singh Rajput’s height as 5ft 10inch whereas Sushant was 6ft 1 inch or 2 inches approx?

C) Statements of people that don’t match up:-

  • In his interview, why did Mahesh Bhatt state that Sushant is becoming like Parveen Babi and he will also commit suicide someday! Point to be noted that such confidence in his statement raises the question to the confidence over the speculations of Sushant’s demise.
  • Why did Mahesh Bhatt ask Rhea to leave Sushant knowing he was suffering from depression as alleged? What was Mr Bhatt’s goal?
  • Before committing suicide, most people will write a note if granted every human being has something to say to the world or their close once before they bid adieu. No suicide note was found written by Sushant.
  • There were two cooks, one cleaner and Siddharth Pithani who stated Sushant went outside for 2 hours after he woke up. Then, how come the ligature mark is so prominent? It takes 2 hours to get its prominence (brown colour). Not only that, all are changing their statements, indicating dishonesty.
  • It is pertinent to mention how a person who was playing a warfare game in his phone (9 am/9:30 am) suddenly felt the urge to commit suicide after having his juice or while having it? Suspicious.
  • Not only that, when cooks and his friend Siddharth Mithani found that Sushant was not opening the door what did they do? They called his sister first, waiting for her to arrive then; they were waiting for the Chabiwala (locksmith) to arrive. Why did not they take any initiative to break into the room to check whether there was any problem or not? Also, it should be taken into consideration the nowadays the door locks are HASH LOCKS, their keys are not normally constructed, they are designed differently or in much unknown pattern so that no one can duplicate it. Then how come the Chabiwala (locksmith) instantly made another key?
  • This man namely SiddharthPithani have put a status on Instagram a couple of days before Sushant’s demise stating ‘Missing The Photons’. The point to be considered is Sushant tagged or called himself as ‘PHOTON’.
  • While committing suicide any person will try to finish himself on the first attempt, because psychologically when a person fails his first attempt while living at the same moment his courage will automatically get crushed.
  • There is also a legal point of view that is a person who knows swimming will never get drowned purposely they will paddle and they swim. Hence Sushant Singh Rajput who was also a fitness freak, he could carry his weight on his hand even at the last second, there is a high possibility of him trying to get off the rope. Did police seize the fan? Was there any mark of force applied on the down rod, canopy, ceiling fan box, mounting bracket, hanger ball, wirehouse, was it sent for the forensic report? Did police recover any fingerprint from the fan?
  • Sushant has changed 50 sim cards in a month. Why didn’t the police take out the call records of all the 50 sim cards and verify if there were any threat calls?
  • If SSR has committed suicide then the forensic team would have found fingerprints of both the hands instead of three fingers. Which is fishy and creates questions if there were the presence of other human beings responsible for his death?
  • It is of utter shock that according to the statements of the servants Rajput had pomegranate juice at about 9:30 am and since 10:00 am he did not open the door. Then how come Wikipedia publishes the news at about 9:00 am 14th June stating that Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide?
  • After 18 days of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, the Police have sent the piece of cloth which was used to strangulate Sushant for Tensile test. Why it took 18 days for Mumbai Police to send the cloth for the tensile test?
  • Till date, Sushant Singh Rajput’s account is being handled by someone else, why police are unable to track the person? Isn’t it quite obvious that the person who is using Sushant Singh Rajput’s account is surely someone whom he trusted the most? Or is it a hacker?
  • Rhea Chakravarty stated that she left Sushant Singh Rajput’s apartment between 6th of June and 9th of June, whereas one of their common friend namely Rumi Zafri stated that she spoke to Rhea and Sushant on 12 of June 2020 night for a long time. It is also pertinent to mention here why police did not check the CCTVs adjacent to his house? When they discovered that Sushant Singh Rajput’s apartment CCTV was not working specifically from 13th June 2020. And also it should be taken into notice that Sushant Singh Rajput was a famous actor wasn’t there any Security Guard? If no, then Why? And if yes, then why didn’t police seize the visitors’ register book from the guard and why wasn’t he summoned?

D) Why Sushant’s depression theory is nonsense:-

  • Sushant Singh Rajput may have suffered from depression which is quite common for every human being, but did he suffer from bipolar mind or schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is genetic in most of the cases, even Honey Singh was suffering through certain psychological problems, but he recovered very soon and in case of SSR, the person who was suffering from so-called bipolar mind and schizophrenia would not have partied hard the last night on 13th June 2020. It has also been known from the news that often Sushant’s neighbours’ complained to him for playing loud music. It’s doubtful that a person suffering from such serious issues will be able to party hard, have the enthusiasm to play loud music, to let loose like a normal person. His behaviour or actions would have been very weird and unnatural.
  • Rajput has recently started with three new companies where Rhea Chakravarty‘s brother Sawik Chakravarty was one of the board of directors. Normally a person who has recently started a business is not to commit suicide; also, it was SSR’s dream project.
  • According to the news sources within 6 months, seven movies was snatched away from him by Karan JoharSalman KhanAditya Chopra etc. If so, then depression might have been a part of his life but most probably not serious enough to take his life. Actress Payal Rohatgi recently tweeted a video where she mentioned that she also went to Dr Kesri Bomi Chadva and alleged that Dr Chavda tagged her to have bipolar disorder. She also stated in her video that he often treated people with negligence and provided the wrong treatment.
  • Knowing of Sushant’s demise, Rhea Chakravarty went totally silent. She left Sushant’s apartment just prior the day of his demise where a party was going on and she was supposed to be there. Also, RehaChakravarty deleted all of Sushant’s pictures from her Instagram account. Sounds fishy? Affirmative.
  • Prior to his death, SSR spoke to his father expressing his mental stress of the industry but he did not express sadness or depression. He did not say anything indicating of committing suicide as stated by Mr K.K. Singh (father of SSR).

Personal Point of view

Why police or the investigating team didn’t seize RheaSawbhik (Rhea’s brother), Sandeep SinghSiddharth Pithani and the servants’ phone and why they did not take out their call details, message details is beyond me. Nowadays WhatsApp texts are encrypted word by word. Sushant’s ex-manager committed suicide a week prior to Sushant’s demise. According to actor Puneet VashsishthDishaSaliyan (Sushant’s ex-manager) was carrying Sooraj Pancholi‘s baby in her womb. Sooraj did not want to have a child and he broke up with Disha. There was a fight between Sooraj and Sushant over this and Sushant climbed into Salman Khan‘s eyes. Puneet claimed that Sooraj Pancholi, Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, Sandip Singh and Rhea Chakroborty connived to kill Sushant. A tall claim, as of now there is no truth or evidence to it; hence the matter is to be investigated. The investigating team didn’t take out Sooraj PancholiMahesh BhattSalman Khan, Sushant’s ex-manager’s call details which to my opinion is essential.

It is said that so-called Bollywood killed him. Life is strange, he left his engineering for his passion and joined Bollywood and Bollywood denied his generosity, diligence, perfection as he never preferred to lick boots. He preferred to work and get work for his talent. Sushant Missed out one thing that is when you greet the world spreading your arms wide open, always keep an eye on the invisible hand reaching your spine to crawl.

Dedicated to Sushant Singh Rajput Sir:-

Live this life performing endless drama

Worry not, reality will always chase you

This stage of broken dreams is beyond darnation

One fine day this stage will replace you

But you can’t replace the stage you were

Born to act for!“

by Sankhajit Lal Mitra Advocate.

©Sakhajit Lal Mitra

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