West Bengal Soon to Suffer From 3 Major Difficulties

Once again West Bengal is under lockdown till 31st July. This time more restrictions and measures will be imposed. All Government offices will remain open but educational institutions will remain closed. From 1st July Metro services may resume but the information is not confirmed so far. However, bus service will continue including private buses and autos. The two month’s lockdown has created a defective impact on regular wage earners as they do not have any other way to make a living in the period of lockdown.

But the biggest twist is yet to come as West Bengal and Kolkata democracy will soon encounter major troubles. These problems will highly be witnessed by the middle-class group of people who depend on public transport to travel and run their house on the basis of limited budget and savings. There are three major difficulties that are calling ahead after the lockdown extension and they are as followed:-

Diesel and petrol price hike – In Kolkata, people have to pay Rs 68.60 for a liter of diesel after a 15 paise jump. Petrol prices were constant at Rs 77,29 per liter. This highly hit those regular people who travel through bikes and cars. Somewhere it messed up the regular budget of every family as this 22nd time in just over three weeks that democracy repeatedly witnesses a hike in their basic requirement. The oil company executive mentioned that petrol and diesel rates are also high because of a significant jump in central levies that mop up the entire price benefits when international crude oil prices were low.

Hike in Auto fair – The moment lockdown lifted up auto driver fare turns double. Yes, you heard it right. Sources inform that Autos divers are charging Rs 40 as opposed to Rs 20 per head from Korynamee to New Town or Axis Mall stand in the past. This drastic change in fare happens due to the two and half months of the lockdown and hike in diesel and petrol. Somewhere the fare hit the common people as they insistently need to travel in that particular amount.

Private Buses demands hike in fare – Private bus operators of West Bengal demanded an immediate hike in fares unsettled to mounting diesel cost and Covid-19 related restrictions on the number of passengers that each bus can carry. As per the official State transport undertakings the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC), North Bengal State Transport Corporation, and the South Bengal State Transport Corporation are also suffering from loss because of a huge gap in daily income from ticket sales and expenditure.

West Bengal already reported more than 15,000 COVID-19 positive cases and now they have to contract with other sorts of issues that are going to hit in their daily life. Hike in fare and oil is somewhere unfair to common people who always need to replace their way of expenditure.

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