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What India Gain, Loss & Learn In Fight Against COVID-19?

By Priti singh (Special Correspondent, Kolkata)

India has witnessed a massive spike in the past few days, and tally surpasses more than 2 lakhs. But the good is news is currently, India witnessed a low number of casualties as compared to the other countries. Despite a stern lockdown, countries’ number of COVID-19 cases have escalated rapidly. It has been mentioned that social distancing and Lockdown is the solution to prevent the deadly virus and it will also assist to break the supply chain.  But somehow the result does not show the similarity.

There were multiple decisions that have been made in the fight against COVD-19  but in some sectors, like migrants and labours workers seem suffering during lockdown due to loss of jobs, lack of money, and no shelter was there that can give them stability.


The whole world praises the Modi Government after the lockdown announced and the government also assists other countries with medical kits and provides hydroxychloroquine that was used for the treatment of COVID-19. Though India gains immense support from the International countries, from the US President Donald Trump to Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked India for the medical assessment.

The biggest gain for India is an International company that is planning to shift in India from China. The pandemic was started from China and it has spread across the globe that also taken the lives of millions of people.  Donald Trump already clears his intention to extend work in India, recently, he has been delayed his G7 summit so that India and China both can share the platform.

Another striking gain for India is when Dr. Harsh Vardhan Health Minister of India, become an executive of the World Health Organization. The Health Minister of India itself monitoring many issues and also interacted with doctors to the status of the COVID-19 patients. His efforts were praised by the organization and much Indian government as well. This is something a massive achievement that India received after a decade.


During the health crisis, the biggest loss was employment people who losses their jobs, yes, massive of migrants, labors, and private sector’s employees have been laid off. Another huge loss was businesses during 2 months period of lock down many businesses have been left with zero revenue due to which India struggles with the economic issues. Due to zero revenue, many small and large scale industries and companies were shut and also could not able to pay salaries to their employees.

Migrants Workers and Labors do not have a way to deal with their situation though they start walking on the road to reach their native places. There is a huge number of people who even alleged that the state’s government is not doing anything for their relief.

Subsequently, the huge loss was witnessed by the regular wagers who earn on regular bases like auto, rickshaws, parlors, and many others. They all encounter money and food crises as their way to earning were stop in amid lock down.


Health Infrastructure:- Now, India’s focal point should be Health Infrastructure. This pandemic shows the real stage and development side of the Health Department, it also thought that India needs to optimize and improvise the health sector. Apart from this India should focus upon the production of medical equipment, supply the world with drugs and most important maximize the number of hospitals and ensure that treatment should be done in less amount.

Safety of animals, ecosystem, and Forest:- One of the great things that nation gets to see that when people are inside their house animals were ruling the street. But recently the unnatural death of pregnant Elephant due to crackers exploded in her mouth while eating pineapple in Kerala, Mallapuram that shows the careless attitude of human and forest department towards the animals. There were several cases of animals that die unnaturally. This is the high time that the Indian Government should focus on it and pass the new amendment act against such ghastly crime. On the other hand, there were several forests that were in the middle of the pandemic, these mistakes dir get repeated in the future.

During this pandemic, many things highlighted from health crisis to humanity and many things it’s thought the nation which side we should look after. If India will look after the mentioned specific matter it can ensure that a better future is calling ahead.

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