Who is Playing Politics In Middle Of Pandemic?

By Priti Singh (Special Correspondent, Kolkata)

Since the day COVID-19 strikes in the country, the Government of India plays an imperative role to prevent the deadly virus. But politics were also ruling in the middle of the epicenter when the whole nation is fighting together. Some politicians were into headlines for playing politics instead of helping people. The ruling government announced the lockdown on March 24th and it’s also extended for two months but during that a period many politicians busy raising questions and pointing fingers on government decisions.

Many opposition leaders even criticized the decisions made by the ruling government. However, the past two months have thrown up an inappropriate image of the politician and the political party. The dirtiest side of Politics has come out than it was never before. It is difficult to understand why such politics when every single people of this country suffering.

Politics over human life – Congress seems busy in playing politics. The party member never seen come out from the camera and repeatedly attack the central government. The party began with the lockdown issues of how the economy will drop in amid lockdown than use the shoulder of migrants to target central. They felt bad for the Shramik but never come ahead to help with a glass of water. If remember Rahul Gandhi seems very interactive with laboures in Delhi, he talked to them about their problems but did not reveal what congress party leaders do for them. Additionally, the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who was playing with innocent life, as the Governor asked her many time over the misreporting of COVID-19 cases. When politicians do not want politics than why they are playing, is a powerful chair is more important than human life.

Blame Game:- the blame game all starts when cases start increasing in most of the states. But it firstly comes from Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray who targets Central government indirectly and claimed that the flip-flops in implementing the lockdown have caused troubles to the migrant labourers and the testing is done at international airports in the initial days was faulty. On the other side, Senior Delhi Congress leader Ajay Maken target New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the government’s unpreparedness to tackle the growing number of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the national capital. Subsequently, the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also lashes out at Central because of the Interpretation of IMCT during the health crisis. In the middle of the crisis, politicians were looking for the reasons to blame on each other instead of being cooperative.

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