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Will Bihar Democracy Dislodge Nitish Kumar From CM Throne?

Scenarios of Bihar are not the same as it was supposed to be during the pandemic. The state that’s found in the Vedas, Puranas, epic etc and was the main scene of activities of Buddha and 24 Jain Tirthankars, it’s people are living into doubts, worries, and fears. The reasons are much known; poor health infrastructure, mishandling the COVID-19 crisis and dealing with the issue of flood-affected areas. In the wake of such situations, the government was not seen in the frame. As per the reports, people across the state and different districts, including Patna, Muzaffarpur, and Siwan, expressed similar sentiments when asked about their assessment of the government’s handling of Covid-19.

As noted, the elections are knocking the doors, but this time Bihar democracy seems distressed with the Nitesh government. As per the presumption, Bihar may give thumbs down to the JDU government who have allied with the BJP, in an upcoming election that will take place in October or November. Now the question is if not Nitish then who will be? So far no leaders have been compared or give a stiff collision to Nitish government. Bihar democracy itself raised questions and seems against the state ruling government over the circumstances that erupted in the state. Several proclaimed made by the residents, doctors, and health departments that exposed, unsafe way of dealing with the pandemic crisis.

Reports say from the Patna NMCH hospital dead bodies of two Covid-19 patients were removed from the ward at COVID hospital, after a video of the incident, went viral. Subsequently, there are videos from the COVID centre that shoes no electricity inside the hospitals for the past two days. Not only that, numerous videos have been viral which proved patients were not treated well, lack of doctors, nurses, health workers, and medicals facilities are also not available. Even opposition lashes out at the ruling government and alleged that Nitish failed to tackle the situation of the COVID-19 crisis.

Apart from the COVID-19 situation, let’s look at the side of the flood-affected situation in Bihar. Over 15 Lakhs are affected in 11 flood-hit districts of Bihar. As per the reports, Darbhanga district is worst- affected areas, near 5.36 Lakh people there have either been displaced or trapped inside their homes. It has been informed that the river level of Ganga and Yamuna have increased. People are facing waist-deep water and salvaging their valuables. Moreover, the state government informed that the repair work would resume only after two-three days, and the state government has also sought help from the Indian Air Force so that relief material could drop for people. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team is deployed at several flood-affected areas including East Champaran district.

On the other hand, the economic position of the state is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Yes, according to the state Economy report that has been issued by the economic survey indicates that the Bihar recorded double-digits in three fiscal from 2016-17 up to 2018-19. During that period, it also shows that the per capita income of the state increased proportionally equal with the increase of gross state domestic produce. However, many people believe that under the leadership of Nitish Kumar Government Bihar has improved in many sectors including the economic department as compared to the other state.

Chances may rose for Tejeswadi Yadav & Pappu Yadav

Now, the most interesting part is yet to see, which political leader can play a vital role during the health crisis and flood-affected. At the moment the two leaders who are on a high peak are RJD leader Tejeswadi Yadav and Rajesh Ranjan, popularly known as Pappu Yadav — a former MP who was defeated in the 2019 Lok Sabha election from Madhepura.

Pappu Yadav already won the hearts in Bihar during 2019 flood. He grabbed all the media attention the way he assists the people of Bihar. He stood with the people and was seen riding on a tractor through the flooded road of Patna, also disturbing relief martial and rescuing stranded people wherever he could be.

On the other hand, Tejeswadi Yadav is one of the leading faces in Bihar politics, he stood in the row from where he attacked the state ruling government every single time. Through social media platform Tejeswadi repeatedly attacked JDU leader and alleged that the Chief Minister of Bihar was invisible from 130 days and he also asked: “What is the use of such a government who leaves the people to die at the mercy of their fates in times of troubles.”

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